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Get A Grip By Letting Go!

Understanding and Managing
Change in Life and Work


Change Dynamics

It is our human nature to resist change - we all fight to stay in our comfort zones! However, that is rarely possible in our world today where change is rampant and competition is fierce.  

It is critical to help employees learn to manage change within every organization that desires to be competitive. Unless progressive reorganization initiatives and aggressive sales strategies are embraced by those charged with implementing them, growth and profitability will be severely limited.

Such transitions require letting go of old, unproductive ways of doing things and accepting new initiatives that generate desired results.

Every "change" program I've ever seen teaches management how to implement change.  Get A Grip By Letting Go!™  was developed specifically
to enable employees to successfully handle changes required of them by management.

An important side benefit of this training will be that people will learn to better handle all kinds of stress-producing situations in their personal lives.  New research shows that a change in any part of an employees' life will ultimately impact their productivity at work.

"Work life is actually personal life in a different setting"
- Eric Eberwein

Some of the outcomes of this workshop will be:

  • Reduced stress,
  • Higher levels of personal happiness, and
  • Greater job satisfaction, resulting in
  • Increased productivity, and
  • Successful implementation of management's new programs and other initiatives.

Participants will explore different coping skills and meaningful ways to let go of the past, better understand and navigate difficult periods of transition, and move on to new beginnings.

For:  All employees impacted by new programs and initiatives.

Complete program - One-Day interactive workshop.

Content can be presented in half-day programs or keynotes.

A special coaching program for managers will enable them to more effectively lead their associates through the transition process.  This program can be customized for your group.

For:  Executives, Managers, and Team Leaders.

Complete program - Two-Day Interactive Seminar.

Read What People Have Had to Say About This Program!

Thank you...for sharing and teaching from your heart...You provided the perfect tools for dealing with and accepting the many changes that life presents us with.  I left your workshop feeling I now know how to embrace change in a very healthy way; to not resist it but to move through it and beyond to a better place.

-Rene Gorbold, Executive Director of Advancement

 Northern Theological Seminary, Lombard, IL

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Get A Grip By Letting Go! ™Understanding and Managing Change in Life and Work 
is based on original work created by  Barbara A Glanz and Michael M Stewart entitled
Feeling Your Way Through Change™Understanding and Managing Transitions in Life and Work
Copyright © 2003 by Barbara Glanz Communications, Inc. and Stewart & Stewart, Inc.
Used with permission.

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Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC), Sales
Trainer/Speaker, Executive Coach,
Sales Consultant, Author.


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